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Completed in July 2015 – 18 months of construction period with landscaping

Builder/client: Waleed Khumra

Project type: 1000m2 – new residential home – Project value: $2,600,000


The majesty impresses on first approach with the imposing intricately detailed facade flanked by circular columns, dramatic Juliet wrought iron balconies, and a stunning beveled glass front door – a magnificent first impression that is just a prelude to the spectacular interior to come.

The home is appointed with a stunning swimming pool located at basement level. Above the pool the home features two exceptionally well appointed levels and an attic to provide useful storage. Majestic in appearance, practical in living.

Our role:
  • Choosing the land for the client,
  • Real estate negotiations for purchase of land
  • Council pre-application meeting with the architect ,design proposal meeting with council and neighbors
  • Prepared for and attended VCAT hearing and had project approved to the client’s satisfaction
  • Achieved planning permit for the project
  • Acquired building permit for the project
  • Applied for an acquired demolition permit
  • Performed abolishment of existing services
  • Appointed demolisher and supervised demolition of project
  • Completed supervision to client’s satisfaction old house has been demolished on this property
  • Managing the construction process at every level to ensure our clients are fully informed at all times. Our architects, engineers are available at all times to address any of our clients requests.
Project Details
  • Date
    July 14th, 2015

  • Client
    Diamond Builders

  • Project Type

  • Contractor
    Diamond Builders

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We work with multiple supply partners, each being carefully checked by our team to make sure they are safe & reliable.
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